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School Meals

School Meals

School meals are prepared and cooked on site and are available each day at a cost of £2.50. All dinners must be paid and booked in advance of taking a school meal. This can be done via ParentPay. Meals must be booked the Tuesday before the following week. If you forget to book the meals after this point, please call the office or email Miss Craig on who will be happy to book them for you. If you have any allergen queries, please contact the school office who will liaise with the kitchen to answer any questions you may have. The meal booking system ensures each child will be given a meal they enjoy, and reduces waste. Please follow the below link to be taken to the ParentPay website:



School meals and packed lunches are supervised by 9 Mid-Day supervisors who have each been specifically employed for the purpose. They are directly responsible to the Headteacher and look after the children throughout the lunchtime break.


Packed Lunches

Children who wish to bring a packed lunch may do so provided that:


  • All food is brought to school in a plastic container with a tightly fitting lid.
  • The container is stored, unopened in the pre-arranged place during the day.
  • The empty container and any leftovers are taken home every evening.


The Healthy School

Our school is committed to children developing a healthy lifestyle and in line with this we were  re accredited as a ‘Cumbria Healthy School’.

As part of our Healthy School aims we do not allow children to bring sweets into school, but encourage healthy items such as fruit or items from the tuck shop as a break time snack. Whilst we are not in a position to tell parents what to pack in a child’s lunch, we would encourage you to ensure that their lunch is balanced and healthy. Pupils who have a healthy balanced diet are more likely to perform well in schools.


Free School Meals

Certain families qualify for Free School Dinners where their household income falls below a certain level. Further advice and information about Free School Dinners can be obtained directly from:


Free School Meals Service

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Corporate, Customer and Community Services 
Parkhouse Building
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Telephone: 01228 606060