All stakeholders are dedicated and driven to achieve the highest quality all round education through strong relationships, teamwork and warmth.
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Inglewood Junior School

Discipline and Rules

Pupils are proud of their school. They wear their uniform with pride, speak politely to staff and each other and bring the equipment they need to lessons.


—Official Ofsted Report 2016



An assertive discipline policy is used, supporting and rewarding good behaviour. The consequences of bad behaviour are clear. The school’s rules are embedded within every day school life through; display, discussion, example, regular reference and explicit teaching. Rewards and consequences are established across school  and all staff members use them.


Parents are asked to sign our School / Home Agreement, which has been developed in consultation with Pupils, Parents, Governors and Staff. This agreement briefly outlines what is expected of Parents / Carers, Pupils and the school in order for pupils to flourish at Inglewood School.