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Remote Learning

In the case of any need to move to "Remote Learning" Inglewood Junior School will provide the children with their own individual iPad. This is the device they use throughout their education at Inglewood Junior School and are competent and confident in using. While isolating as a whole class bubble, pupils can access support from their class teacher through direct messaging on Showbie. The teacher may then send a voice note, video or screen recording or this may lead to a phone call from the teacher. If any parents need support with the home-learning they can either contact school (01228 595426) and the school will contact the teacher to make contact (if not unwell) or a member of the Year Group will make contact. The parent will also have contact to the teacher using their school email address.

Work will be submitted directly to the class teacher at the end of every lesson, as per normal as if in class. Feedback for this will then be provided daily by the teacher through the usual means (voice, typed, video etc).

If a child does not have access to the Internet – the parent needs to share this information to Inglewood Junior School ASAP so that they can support with remote access.


It is expected that the "normal" School day can be delivered remotely using the usual Showbie platform.


Any questions or worries about this - please speak to Miss Bowe ( 




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