All stakeholders are dedicated and driven to achieve the highest quality all round education through strong relationships, teamwork and warmth.
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Inglewood Junior School


Autumn 2020 Attendance Certificates


In such incredibly challenging and difficult times our attendance has continued to be excellent and we are very proud and grateful to all!


Bronze awards (98%) = 36 pupils

Silver awards (99%) = 15 pupils

Gold awards (100%) = 90 pupils

Wow! A Superb achievement!

Spring Term 2021 Certificates


We are so proud of you all for continuing to come to school to be able to learn and be with your friends! Thank you!


In total for the whole year to date:

Bronze awards (98%) = 42 pupils

Silver awards (99%) = 22 pupils

Gold awards (100%) = 67 pupils

Wow! A Superb achievement!