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Safeguarding Information



The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is good. Pupils say how safe they feel in school. Parent view, agree that their children are cared for very well.


—Official Ofsted Report 2014




The safety and welfare of your children is of overwhelming importance and is the major responsibility of all the staff.

In the case of illness or significant injury in school parents will be informed immediately. At the beginning of the year a form will be sent to parents requesting the name of an emergency contact lest parents are unavailable.


School safety checks are carried out by the Governors and a fire practice is held regularly. Although the school has trained first aiders the law is very strict on action we can or cannot take. School staff are not allowed to administer medication of any kind to children, although we would be happy to make arrangements for parents to do so.


Children are not allowed out of school at any time other than with the Headteacher’s permission or written permission from the parent presented to the child’s Teacher.


Safeguarding Officers and Pastoral Care Worker

Within school we have three designated safeguarding officers (Level 3 trained): Mr Grimshaw (Headteacher), Miss Bowe (Deputy Headteacher and Year 5 Leader) and Mrs Shannan (Pastoral Care Worker). If you have any worries or concerns about the safety of a child, please speak to them.  

Four Level 2 trained staff: Mr Squires (Year 4 Leader), Miss Irving (Year 3 Leader), Miss Murgatroyd (Year 6 Leader) and Mrs Stanhope (SENCO).

All other staff are trained to level 1.

All staff are trained for PREVENT duty.

Our Pastoral Care Worker supports children and families when needed.

If you are unable to contact any of the staff, help is always available out of hours from the Safeguarding Hub.

Working Together to Safeguard Children