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Coronavirus update Parent letter 17-03-2020

Tuesday 17th March 2020

Coronavirus update.


Dear Parent,


School is communicating with you using many different methods; by letter, text, Facebook and via our website. We are also trying to populate our email addresses so that larger documents and letters can get to you in that way. Nevertheless, each method of communication has its advantages and its disadvantages. Some methods do not have the capacity to send large documents. Some methods, are out of date when they reach you and people have personal preferences. We are trying our best.


One of the most up-to-date areas for you to be aware of is the school website – latest news – Live, latest guidance. This links you to a range of information including; 14 day family isolation, vulnerable groups and social isolation.


Teachers are meeting in teams tomorrow to compile learning opportunities if children are not in school. If children are presenting as ill it is important to allow them to get well. If children are feeling better, they will be able to engage in some school work. However, I would encourage families that are isolating to engage in some fun family activities too. Games, baking, cooking etc. The important advice is that for the next 14 days we remain in our homes if any member of the household is displaying any of the symptoms of a new continuous cough and/or a high temperature as set out in


With regards to the school staff, if staff are absent from school, do not presume that they have Coronavirus. My own circumstance is that one of my children has developed a ‘new persistent cough’ and therefore a 14 day isolation is advised for the family. This is the advice we are following at IJS too.


I understand the pressure that this can put on families and their own work but this is very clear Government guidance in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you wish to discuss any concerns. 


Yours sincerely


David Grimshaw