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Home Learning (Covid-19)

If your child has to self-isolate due to being in close contact with a positive case (or testing positive themselves), or there is a National Lockdown, then Inglewood Junior School will ensure your child's iPad is at home with them. Their Teacher, or a member of their Year Group, will make sure that work is shared with your child daily using Showbie. This will allow them to access their continued learning at home.


During National Lockdowns we will follow a whole school timetable to support families with more than one child working remotely: 


8.30-9.00 - Close the Gap Time, Spelling Shed, Timestable Rockstars


9.00-9.30 - Silent Reading (Oxford Reading Buddy, Book, magazine etc)


9.30-10.30 - Literacy (Writing/Reading)


10.30-10.45 - Break


10.45-11.45 - Maths


11.45-12.00 - Story Time (audio recording of Year Group Book)


12.00 - 1.00 - LunchTime


1.00-3.00 - (lessons from: Science, PE, Music, RE, Art, DT, Geography, History, PSHE, ICT) - depending on Year Group Focus for that Term etc.


During whole Bubble Closures and National Lockdown situations your child's Class Teacher will be available 8.30am-3pm through Showbie on your child's iPad to support the children and any adults. Adults can also email the Class Teacher during this time to request support if needed.  


Your child uses Showbie daily in school so will know how to use this and how to share their work back with their class teacher. But videos to support are available. Your child's work will then be marked by their teacher and feedback given, just as it would be if in school.


If you have any issues with accessing the Home Learning, please contact

Home Learning Expectations

Setting up the iPad at home

A quick video explaining how a child's iPad can be set up if isolating and accessing their school work at home.

iPad Agreement for Home Learning

IJS Contingency Plan for Covid-19

COVID poster for parents

COVID-19 Public Health Resource Pack for Educational Settings in Cumbria